Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Dark Cinderella

I'm going to discuss fairytales, an exciting favourite subject of mine. It borders on myth and legend. Fairytales are said to be older than the myths of the gods themselves. We don't know enough about their origins except where the modern versions came from, and as you search further before Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and others, you'll find older roots.
Cinderella is one of the most popular princess stories for girls.
Did you know there was a darker side? You will never find that in any fairytale book about Cinderella. In one old version, before the Brothers Grimm, the step mother was actually cruel to her own daughters who were the so called "ugly sisters". She tortured them and mutilated their feet so that they could wear the small glass slipper. The prince noticed in horror at seeing so much blood.
And in another older version of Cinderella, (not sure if there was a step mother) the sisters are tortured at the wedding of Cinderella and the prince. The magic pet birds belonging to Cinderella pecks out the sisters eyes. 
Then in another old version of Cinderella it's even more freaky. Cinderella kills her step mother by breaking her neck! She wanted her father to marry the old house maid but after that, unknown to Cinderella, six new stepsisters arrive. They all bully Cinderella.
Another version doesn't have a fairy godmother in it. Instead, Cinderella often talks to her mother's grave and speaks to her ghost, learning how to create magical ingrediants.
How different she is to the gentle Disney princess in a tiara!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Spirits of plants

Plants have souls and auras. Each plant, tree, flower, grass, root and vegetable have spirits attached to them. One of the most beautiful creations in science is Kirlian photography. Not only does it capture a variety of colours of living objects such as leaves, but also reveals the energy of those individual leaves. There is an inner aura and an external aura. Often no one can see the inner aura as it's the birth aura that remains throughout its life and doesn't change. The external aura is a reflection of moods, health and temperature.

Apart from auras, which I plan to discuss again one day in the future of this blog, plants have spirits attached to them. They attract different energies, as well as produce energy. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and they then breathe out fresh oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a natural invisible "gas" that we all exhale. We don't see it but it's hot and appears only during cold temperatures as white plumes.

Ghost activity often makes a drop in temperatures and a drainage of electricity, especially with batteries. It's possible that ghosts are made of neutrinos as these are able to pass through walls and are invisible. The more extreme ghosts with poltergeists and evil entities have had to "eat" from living beings own vital aura and kinetic energies. While spirits attempt to communicate with the living through batteries or electrical objects, sometimes drinking some of this energy down, it can also be frightening. When spirits drain the energy from a living person or animal, it results in pain, nausea, depression, panic attacks, illness and paralysis.

Plants are also used as eating batteries by ghosts. Woods and forests attract ghosts like a magnet.  Sadly it's possible why trees die, or become diseased. Some forest fires could be blamed on the negative energies accumilated in the trees by dark spirits.

But not all spirits of the deceased. Some spirits can be living beings, that are invisible, and don't need the energy field to eat. These living spirits include nature spirits or deva. Some spirits of the living or astrals protect the trees, including animals. Humans have always respected the nature spirits for protecting the land from evil. They made offerings to them and honoured them with respect. Some left food outside in the woods to the nature spirits as thanks. In return, the nature spirits kept the plants healthy and pure.

These nature tree spirits have many names, from wights, fairies, dryads, elves, kodama, lauma, gnomes, leshy, Of the many nature spirits there are those that are protectors of the trees and forests who prevent vampiric ghosts from destroying the plants. On another issue, animals and bugs have always been an issue with feeding off plants. It started to upset humans when harvests were ruined because of it. People needed the help of nature spirits to protect crops and vegetables from pests, flooding and drought. There might've been a deal in Neolithic times because nature spirits guarded the wild forests and not farmland. Powerful deities helped to protect agriculture if humans would honour them in return. Some would argue that the gods ARE nature spirits. According to Norse mythology, there are two races of gods, the Vanir and the Aesir. The Vanir were the earliest gods who were "nature gods" or wild gods of the forests and mountains. These coincide with the primitive cultures that worshipped the land and sky. The Aesir came much later as gods of civilisation, including farming. 

It seems that the spread of agriculture happened at a time when ancient mythology introduced newer gods. Perhaps the migration of agriculture took with it various kings, warlords and conquerers who were revered as gods that they became deified. It's possible that the gods and goddesses of myths and all real people who were in charge and had the ultimate power to move everyone here and there. So much human prehistory is lost.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Healing and protective herbs

From the healing remedies of Mother Earth, the flowers give you herbs in plenty. Here, locate the top plants you need to grow and make medicines, food, magical ingredants and to ward off bad spirits as well as pesky animals.
A "witch garden" or herbal garden needs sunlight and outdoors. Ideally create a small bed for the seeds, fresh soil, water regularly and patience.
Fruit trees are a must for growing in the garden, as they have the same qualities and grow every year if looked after.
There are plenty of DIY herb growing kits available to purchase. Take into consideration that not all herbs are evergreen as some are seasonal. The seasonal (perennials) have to be planted or sown at certain different times of the year. The perennial herbs are mint, sage, rosemary, horse radish, sage, sorrel, meadow sweet, chives and loveage. Evergreen herbs are rocket, lemon grass, chamomile, parsley, basil, coriander, bay and lavender.
Powerful herb weapons to use against sinister and evil spirits are angelica, basil, beans, carob, clover, coriander, daffodil, fennel, garlic, holly, mandrake, mugwort, onion, rowan, sage and vinegar. Also anything sharp like nettles and holly are protective plants against spirits. Growing herbs can also help to stop evil spirits entering the property.
You don't have to grow your own herbs, you can purchase them fully grown. Some decourated herbs around the house.


Herbs and evil spirits

Monday, 27 June 2016

Eating dog is an evil act

Brave activists have been trying to stop the evil festival, taking place every Summer Solstice, called the Yulin dog meat festival.
Many people say in arguement that "You eat cows, sheep, goats and pigs, birds and fish." They also argue that the festival has been going for a very long time. People in China believed that eating dogs gave them canine powers of protection from the harmful sun rays and heat. People argue it is their tradition.
Certain things I need to respond to about that.
1. Cows and sheep, pigs and goats have been bred for thousands of years as livestock, for us to consume. Before the move of agriculture, our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate the wild cattle, pig, deer and fish. Some believe that certain animal meat is WRONG. Some people regard cows as sacred and don't eat it. Some people rufe to eat pork. Some people refuse to eat horses.
2. That meat festival started around 7 years ago! Not an ancient tradition as led to believe. Cows, pigs and other farm animals are NOT tortured to death as these dogs at the evil festival. The scenes are horrific. Many of the dogs were stolen from households. Not only are these dogs pets, loved by their owners but also frightened and missing their homes and families. The dogs, unlike farm animals, are starved! When they become so undernourished that they cannot walk, they're crammed together in small cages. Their limbs break. Often they die before the festival.
However, the festival is itself full of scum who enjoy torturing and killing these dogs. The dogs are either skinned alive, muzzled and then have their limbs cut off, muzzled and placed in boiling vats of water, muzzled and set alight or cooked in hot fat. Crowds of evil people look on and get excited, hoping to pick the dog who suffered the most. More pain in the dogs create more adrenalin and more power in the meat. None of this happens in farms. Anyone taking part in that is not human but vermin. And this goes for people who say it is okay.
3. Some liberals want everyone to "respect" the tradition of eating dogs. Certain deranged traditions in ancient times deserved to stop. Such as human sacrifice and cannibalism. So why not sluahgtering and eating helpless dogs and cats today?
4. Dogs have been our friends for thousands of years. The Yulin festival is just about 6 or 7 years old. Eating a dog is as sinful and horrible as eating another human being. It's wrong.
I also think it's wrong to eat animals full stop, and against slaughterhouses of cattle and pigs.
Only the few people who have shut down the dog slaughterhouses and rescued dogs keep my faith in humanity somewhat.