Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday the 13th

This day is considered the unluckiest days of the year. It happens that there are many stories associated with Friday the 13th, not to mention horror films.
Friday is Goddess Freya's day. The number 13 is linked with darkness. Freya and other gods were having a party in the glittering halls of Valhalla when the trickster god Loki turned up uninvited. Making Loki that 13th guest. It followed by the death of the god Baldur by a poisoned arrow.
The fairytale story "Sleeping Beauty" includes a similar theme. The palace were celebrating the birth of a princess and 12 fairies were invited to offer lovely gifts. Then an annoyed 13th fairy showed up and cursed the baby princess.    
In history on Friday the 13th, thousands of warriors belonging to the Knights Templar were tortured, punished and killed.
Many believe that the 13th is an evil day, especially when it is Friday, Freya's day. 13th of Friday, the death of Baldur. Friday the 13th, the execution of knights.
These are just myths and memories.
Enjoy your Friday the 13th.

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