Monday, 27 June 2016

Eating dog is an evil act

Brave activists have been trying to stop the evil festival, taking place every Summer Solstice, called the Yulin dog meat festival.
Many people say in arguement that "You eat cows, sheep, goats and pigs, birds and fish." They also argue that the festival has been going for a very long time. People in China believed that eating dogs gave them canine powers of protection from the harmful sun rays and heat. People argue it is their tradition.
Certain things I need to respond to about that.
1. Cows and sheep, pigs and goats have been bred for thousands of years as livestock, for us to consume. Before the move of agriculture, our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate the wild cattle, pig, deer and fish. Some believe that certain animal meat is WRONG. Some people regard cows as sacred and don't eat it. Some people rufe to eat pork. Some people refuse to eat horses.
2. That meat festival started around 7 years ago! Not an ancient tradition as led to believe. Cows, pigs and other farm animals are NOT tortured to death as these dogs at the evil festival. The scenes are horrific. Many of the dogs were stolen from households. Not only are these dogs pets, loved by their owners but also frightened and missing their homes and families. The dogs, unlike farm animals, are starved! When they become so undernourished that they cannot walk, they're crammed together in small cages. Their limbs break. Often they die before the festival.
However, the festival is itself full of scum who enjoy torturing and killing these dogs. The dogs are either skinned alive, muzzled and then have their limbs cut off, muzzled and placed in boiling vats of water, muzzled and set alight or cooked in hot fat. Crowds of evil people look on and get excited, hoping to pick the dog who suffered the most. More pain in the dogs create more adrenalin and more power in the meat. None of this happens in farms. Anyone taking part in that is not human but vermin. And this goes for people who say it is okay.
3. Some liberals want everyone to "respect" the tradition of eating dogs. Certain deranged traditions in ancient times deserved to stop. Such as human sacrifice and cannibalism. So why not sluahgtering and eating helpless dogs and cats today?
4. Dogs have been our friends for thousands of years. The Yulin festival is just about 6 or 7 years old. Eating a dog is as sinful and horrible as eating another human being. It's wrong.
I also think it's wrong to eat animals full stop, and against slaughterhouses of cattle and pigs.
Only the few people who have shut down the dog slaughterhouses and rescued dogs keep my faith in humanity somewhat.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My childhood visions (part 5)

Going back many years, when I was 15 years old. My family took me out camping in the New Forest in the summer holidays. There were my grandparents, uncle and aunt, cousin and our two dogs. My cousin Shelley and I played a few metres away from the caravan , secluded by blackberry bushes and wild trees. It felt surprisingly cold that day with a few gusts of sudden chilly wind. It only happened when cousin and I played in the blackberry enclosure.
It sounded like the wind was talking. We noticed some chopped timber on the grass all neatly cut at each end. We balanced on those in our games. Our dogs played there with us too but they didn't stay there. Shelley and I felt unnerved by the cold, and a sense the forest was so quiet.
After lunch, we returned to our play area in the blackberry enclosure again, when we noticed that all of the timber logs had been layed out in rows, then chiselled into fine points. It was obvious someone had touched and moved those in the few minutes we returned to the caravan to eat. The adults sat there in the sun, listening to the radio and chatting. They didn't notice a thing. They wouldn't believe us.
Then Shelley and I saw a boy walking all by himself along a path. I forgot to mention that my family were the only people out there. The boy was quite young and completely on his own. He got nearer to us and I noticed that he looked a bit strange. He had long hair tied back with a bow. He wore a baggy long-sleeved white shirt, knee length trousers and buckled shoes. The style of his clothing was 18th Century.
He ran towards a shrub and hid there. Shelley didn't want to go and talk to him but I did. I ran over there just to ask him why he's on his own out here in the forest. When I got to the shrub itself where that boy was hiding, there was no one there in sight. The boy completely disappeared.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

A new baby moon

NASA have just revealed that they've discovered a second moon in our orbit. It's a tiny moon and was first noticed from a telescope in Hawaii. It is a quasi satellite that dances with us and wanders a way off.  They've called this mini moon a charming name "2016 HO3".

More info here:

Saturday, 4 June 2016

My childhood visions (part 4)

When I was six years old (either before whooping cough, or after whooping cough, I don't remember when), I saw something incredible.
It was a weekend morning and I woke up. The curtain was open and I was in bed looking at the clouds passing by. The sun was shining. Then in front of the window a lady just materialised. She was semi transparent and wore a long blue dress. She had shining hair and smiled at me. I was so sure that she had wings.
I went underneath the bed covers in panic.  
Then I waited for a few minutes and looked up. She was gone.
This wasn't a dream.
I believe that this happened around the time I suffered whooping cough that I witnessed an angelic vision. Some people would say it was an active imagination or a dream.