Saturday, 21 February 2015

My own bind rune

This image of my rune has been on my other blog "She Wolf Night" for years. The story behind the rune is this. I was making letters of my full name into Elder Futhark runes. Then I tried to connect them to form a shape but it looked messy. So I decided to meditate on it. During meditation, Thor Himself revealed to me how the runes of my name can be properly done to form a tidier bind rune shape. I sometimes use automatic writing and after that experience, I used that technique to follow the pattern. I learned how to draw the bind rune shape and drew it on the computer, using web paint tools to add a golden border and turn the drawing into gold. This is how I finished the bind rune and there it is, a bind rune that means my whole name. What I used for this was, pen, paper, computer paint tool, meditation for inspiration, and automatic writing.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hi everyone. This is my new blog devoted to the gods, spell work, runes, magic and random stuff. I'm a Heathen priestess and dedicated to Thunor, god of thunder, and Sol/Sunna, the goddess of the Sun.