Saturday, 18 April 2015

Flower of thunder

The god of thunder, Thor/Thunor, is associated with many plants, including the oak, thistle, rowan and monksroot.
His particular flowers, his maidens of beauty and protection, are called Arctia, or burdocks. These plants are of the Thistle family group.
Born from roots rich in iron, these delicate purple flowers bloom and then turn spiky like little ultra violet stars. These flowers are filled with medicinal juices, healing powers and nutrients.
The flowers' roots are edible, and classed as a salad, eaten raw and cooked. 
Burdock is associated with protection and can be used as a special amulet to ward off evil spirits. It's healing and positive energies make it an ingredient for perfumes, bubble baths and insense. Burdock is able to purify blood and ailments.      

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