Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Gold stars

Gold crystals are rare and some crystallised gold are found in quartz. These magical combinations are a striking of hot and cold, the sky and the earth. Gold is a potent and magical metal, with bases in history, legends and folklore, philosophy and symbolism. Gold crafts and golden coinage has been used for so long in human history founded on the trails of the blazing stars that brought the noble metal here to begin with.

It is mainly believed that gold is made from stars. Most of the world's gold sank to the earth's core during the earth's beginnings when it was a molten hot planet. Although a soft and edible metal, it has a very tough immune system that is resistent to acids and errosions.

The word "Gold" is from the Anglo Saxon "gaolo" and the ancient Germanic word gulda, "gleam" and "glow" as well as the Latin "aurum" or aurora. Atomic number of gold is 79, meaning AU and from Latin "aura". 

There are too many stories about gold to put all in one entry today. There is the tale of King Midas who turned everything to gold by his touch. The legend of the golden fleece that healed wounds. Golden apples that gave immortality. Even the sought after city of gold El Dorado. It's all hypnotic but deep beneath the drooling lust for wealth and power, there is the misunderstood goal to reach for the stars, where gold came from and will take us, physically and spiritually. 

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