Monday, 3 August 2015


These magnificent large standing stones with runic inscriptions are found throughout the Viking and Anglo-Saxon landscape. They look impressive. They're many centuries old and some several thousand of them have been recorded but it doesn't mean there are some unaccounted for, undicovered and lost. Runestones were the memorials and headstones. Some were full of stories about gods and myths. Others were set with images of animals. Some runestones acted as gates. A list of just a few runestones and more can be found here:

Manx runestones
English runestones
Berezan runestone
Famjin runestone
Einang stone
Tune runestone
Rok runestone
Varangian runestones
Ingvar runestones
Sekland runestones
Greek runestones
Viking runestones
Jarlabanke runestones
Jarsberg runestone
Sjorup runestone
Hagby runestones
Ledberg stone

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