Sunday, 20 September 2015

Food walk

Recently I discovered a Food Walk expedition in the local woods and fields. It was a search for wild edible plants, mushrooms and fruit. My daughter was invited by her friends to go on a blackberry picking outing. I've eaten plenty of wild berries that I know are safe to eat. I was taught this from my nan who picked berries to use in cooking.
Some of the most edible wild foods in nature to pick and eat are:
Mushrooms - Agaravis arvensis, "horse mushroom", Amanita rubescens "blusher", Armillaria mellea "honey fungus", wood ears, wood mushrooms, oak bolete, Boletus edulus, Chanterelle, Beefsteak fungus and shggy parasol. These are a few of the edible mushrooms.
Berries - Hawthorn, Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, dewberry, gooseberry, black and red currants, apple and rose hip. 
Plants - Amarinth, Asparagus, Burdock, Cattail, Clover, Chicory, dandilion, fireweed, kelp, seaweed, white mustard and common sorrel.  
Be careful when going on a field trip to do any foraging of wild foods. Make sure you have a guide and some experts.

Wild Food UK
Taste the Wild

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Thunder is a frightening force of energy, that's a build up of pressure, temperature and moisture, and according to science, it is just hot air. The vision of a storm is felt by those who are used to being with nature. Some are prone to feeling the changes in weather. In my experience, I've sensed when thunder is going to happen.
1. Intense heat/
2. A pressing against my ears, as if I'm under water.
3. The sky clouds over, and the clouds are yellowish.
4. The air smells like a fizzy drink.
5. A low soft rumble that's barely noticeable until it starts to rain.
The full force of thunder begins. Notice how the approach of a storm never acts angrily at the start. It begins with a low gentle whispering sound like distant horses running on the hills. Thunder in it's whole experience of that time is like experiencing nature's own orchestra.
As a kid I was fascinated by thunder.
Despite it's beauty, thunder and lightning is dangerous and hazardous.
Scientific thunder