Sunday, 20 September 2015

Food walk

Recently I discovered a Food Walk expedition in the local woods and fields. It was a search for wild edible plants, mushrooms and fruit. My daughter was invited by her friends to go on a blackberry picking outing. I've eaten plenty of wild berries that I know are safe to eat. I was taught this from my nan who picked berries to use in cooking.
Some of the most edible wild foods in nature to pick and eat are:
Mushrooms - Agaravis arvensis, "horse mushroom", Amanita rubescens "blusher", Armillaria mellea "honey fungus", wood ears, wood mushrooms, oak bolete, Boletus edulus, Chanterelle, Beefsteak fungus and shggy parasol. These are a few of the edible mushrooms.
Berries - Hawthorn, Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, dewberry, gooseberry, black and red currants, apple and rose hip. 
Plants - Amarinth, Asparagus, Burdock, Cattail, Clover, Chicory, dandilion, fireweed, kelp, seaweed, white mustard and common sorrel.  
Be careful when going on a field trip to do any foraging of wild foods. Make sure you have a guide and some experts.

Wild Food UK
Taste the Wild

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