Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Cannock Chase

The region in England, Cannock Chase, is stuffed full of herbs, fauna, roots of magic, spirits and moisture. One of the most "land locked" places in England, bang in the centre, considered the Heart of England. It's one of the most eerie, supernatural and spookiest with a dense history and famed for legends of monsters, UFO's and bloodshed. It can be regarded as a portal area. People behave bizarre, at times, using extreme violence, sadism, mass murder, and indulging in weird sexual practices. The psychology effected by the sheer amount of intense paranormal energy vacume possibly.
Sightings of mysterious big cats, wild men, Bigfoot, werewolves, black dogs, black eyed kids, demonic entities, communities of ghosts, UFO reports and witches centred in the deepest part of England's "green and pleasant land". Much of this has become urban legend, folklore stories, dreaming and make believe, adding to the vibrant and horrid reputation of death.
Cannock Chase is a beautiful dense forest with hills and ruins. It attracts tourists as well as wild animals and birds. Fertile and noisy of life, it's also like a miniature jungle of the cold north. However, Cannock Chase was originally too hard and stubborn to grow crops, with sand, rocks and massive trees. In Medieval times the wilderness of Cannock Chase was bought by the church and owned by royalty. By the 16th Century, the ancient forests were chopped down leaving a bare barren miserable grey blight that was then Cannock Chase, until the 1920's when fresh soil and trees were planted. This Cannock Chase was made into a reforested zone in particular to act as a military training ground with large camps. During WW2 the R.A.F. pretty much owned the area.The place now has a military graveyard.

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