Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sacred farmers

Thor is the protector of agriculture and the land. In ancient times, farmers honoured Thor as their god. Thor is the god of farmers and fertility of soil. Farmers are important because they maintain crops, vegetables and animals, they provide food.The ancient people for a long time regarded farmers as with the same kind of divine authority as a priesthood. What farmers did was almost considered magical and close to the gods, developing fields of plenty, crops to feed a vast majority of people and caring for the livestock. Farmers are the ones who pushed humanity forward into civilisation. So the link with Thor, the thunder god, bringing rain and storm gives breath and life to the roots and seeds of the land. He blessed farmers with the wisdom of harvesting, production, domestication of plants and animals and even knowing the weather. Thor gave farmers insight into the language of the earth. Farmers realised how to make and grow the best quality of food and make bread.  There is a lost art to ancient farming but even today farmers are valuable and deserving of respect.   

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