Sunday, 24 April 2016

Healing magic of honey

For days now I've suffered a severe form of hay fever. It makes me unable to sleep properly and now I've got sore lips, cracked skin around my nose and vomitting while coughing. Sometimes there are pains here and there. I felt a pain my my fingers. Then a tummy ache. My eyes are raw and watering. Ugh. I wasn't able to do much work, couldn't go to my class and haven't written.
During a half sleep meditation, I was seeing flowers and from those flowers appeared honey. I was given this honey and felt warmer and better. It was exactly what I needed so I got some honey. Today I feel so much stronger today.
Honey itself is both medicine and magical. Honey is used during some pagan and Heathen ceromonies. It's mixed with drinks, food and is the source of mead: drink of Heathens who honour our gods. It's anti-bacterial and can help fight illnesses and be used to treat some wounds.
Honey comes from flowers but the real makers of honey are the wonderful bees. In some cultures bees are revered as divine and some gods have bees as their sacred animals.  Bees in my view are sacred. Without bees there wouldn't be honey.
Aphrodite is the goddess of honey: love, beauty, strength and good health.
Honey is very similar looking to gold metal and amber gemstones. It's a healer and a gift from nature.
If you feel poorly, take some honey.

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