Monday, 23 May 2016

My childhood visions (part 2)

When I was a little kid I used to wake up during the night when it was dark. I often saw people in my bedroom and I didn't know who they were. There was a small light source, a bit like candlelight as it was very low as these people were shiny. They were always looking at me and sat around my bed facing down. None of them spoke to me or communicated with each other. They had no expressions on their faces either. They just stared at me.
I didn't recognise any of them. Usually it was a group of people there. Sometimes there was one or two. I remember one of them was an old woman that looked like a witch, as her hair was very long and tangled and she wore a big old fashioned dress. There was another woman wearing a frilly bonnet and there had been a man with long hair. I don't remember what the others looked like.
I got into the habit of sleeping under the bed covers to avoid waking up and seeing those people. From a young age, I've been sleeping under the blankets. I still sleep under the blankets and when I get into bed, I hide underneath.

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