Saturday, 28 May 2016

My childhood visions (part 3)

When I was three years old, something strange happened in the house I grew up in. It made me wonder about it for years. I even questioned it as a kid through school too. All I know is that it wasn't a dream and it did happen.
There was a room in the house that was downstairs and next to the staircase. It was my grandad's favourite room and it was full of his stuff, wooden cabinets, music, library and comfy chairs. I wasn't allowed to play in there on my own. The lounge room and kitchen were on the other side of the house.
This one time I wandered into my grandad's room because he wasn't home. My nan was in the kitchen and my teenager aunt was upstairs.
As I went inside, I noticed that my grandad's room was entirely different and looked like a great hall. There was a number of people inside and they looked like characters from a fairytale book. (Today I wonder if they looked like people from medieval times).
There was a lady smiling at me. She wore a long dress and a tiara with a wimple covering her hair. I can remember seeing a man nearby who was bearded, long haired and dressed like a king with a big fur cloak. They all smiled at me and the lady spoke to me. She said that I must return to my nan.
I left the room, doing as she asked. I went to find my nan who was still busy in the kitchen. I quickly went back to my grandad's room but all those mysterious people were gone. The room was back to its normal self.

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