Saturday, 4 June 2016

My childhood visions (part 4)

When I was six years old (either before whooping cough, or after whooping cough, I don't remember when), I saw something incredible.
It was a weekend morning and I woke up. The curtain was open and I was in bed looking at the clouds passing by. The sun was shining. Then in front of the window a lady just materialised. She was semi transparent and wore a long blue dress. She had shining hair and smiled at me. I was so sure that she had wings.
I went underneath the bed covers in panic.  
Then I waited for a few minutes and looked up. She was gone.
This wasn't a dream.
I believe that this happened around the time I suffered whooping cough that I witnessed an angelic vision. Some people would say it was an active imagination or a dream. 

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